Here are a few FAQ’s I get asked, together with their answers. If you have a question that is not listed below please get in touch with me as I will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.


q. Why do I need my dress cleaning, it doesn’t even look that dirty?

Wedding dresses need cleaning at the earliest opportunity. It is unlikely that your dress will have remained in pristine condition as your special day progressed, however it is important that in order to stop the fabric from deteriorating over time that your dress is cleaned at the earliest opportunity. I can help further by boxing your dress in acid-free paper and box to keep it clean and safe.

Q. I could just put my wedding dress in my washing machine?

Yes you could, but be aware, firstly if it is a heavy dress you can very easily break the drum on your machine as the dress will be extremely heavy and wet inside there. What would be the cost of a replacement machine? Secondly you are extremely likely to seriously damage your dress, especially if there is any boning or embellishments on the dress. Thirdly it is unlikely to remove many of the ground-in stains or dirt marks.

Q. So why let you clean my dress and not a dry-cleaners?

Dry cleaners use heavy machines and may not take certain dresses. I will be happy to look at any dress and give you my expert advice accordingly. I do not use machines as all dresses are carefully hand-washed.

I have 7 years cleaning experience and I am fully aware of how much your dress means to you and how delicate they can be so I handle with great care and attention. I don’t use any machines or any bleaching agents, your dress is very lovingly hand-washed using Eco-friendly stain removal solutions. Once cleaned I thoroughly dry and present you with your beautiful clean dress.

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Q. Why does it cost so much to get my dress cleaned?

The prices you see on my price guide take in to account the specialist work involved. Your dress is likely to be washed more than once and will in most cases require each and every stain to be removed by hand using very soft brushes the size of a toothbrush. This may be required on several layers of fabric and can be quite time consuming. A lot of brides often say things to me like ‘Oh don’t worry too much if you can’t get that mark off’ but to me getting ‘that mark off’ is what I am all about. It’s what sets me above from the rest.

Q. Can you guarantee removing all the dirt?

No cleaning service can ever guarantee a 100% stain removal and we are the same. However, what I can guarantee you is that I will try to remove as much, if not all of the stains and marks on your address. I will advise you before you give me your dress of what you can expect with regards to the removal of all dirt and stains. In 95% of cases I am able to provide you with a pristine dress! In the rare situations where I don’t manage to get them totally clean I get them as close as and to a point where usually I would need to point out where marks were.

Q. Do I need it boxed after cleaning?

I offer the boxing service as an option, you don’t have to take this, I can just clean and return your dress in the gown cover you brought it to me in. However, I highly recommend you have me wrap your dress in several layers of acid free tissue and then place in my acid free boxes to preserve the life of your dress to its maximum potential.

Q. My dress got slightly damaged when I was wearing it, can you repair it for me?

In most cases I will be able to get it repaired for you as I have a team of seamstresses I work with. I am happy to get you a no-obligation quote for any minor repairs.

Q. Is my dress safe with you?

A question I get asked more than any other. Yes your dress is extremely safe with me. I used to own a bridal boutique so I appreciate more than most how to look after your dress. I will provide you with my full details, contact numbers, full postal address and any other information you may require. I can also put you in touch with other customers who I have cleaned dresses for.

If you have any concerns or questions just pick up the phone and talk to me any time day or evening, I am here to help. Tel: 07930 520 915 alternatively email me on: WedCleanUK@gmail.com


Hi I’m Ramsey! If you need any assistance, I can usually answer your questions immediately for you via a Whatsapp chat.