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Vintage Wedding Dress Restoration

gently & lovingly cleaned by hand

I specialise in vintage wedding dresses that are many decades old. Many of these are treasured family heirlooms which need to be cleaned and restored to simply preserve them or sometimes to wear them again at a new wedding!

Vintage wedding dresses can become yellowed with time or go mouldy whilst in storage for many years or decades. Wedding dresses like these would not be suitable for dry cleaning due to their delicate and aged fabrics which can be damaged by harsh chemicals. But with my specialist hand-washing techniques, I can restore and revive beautiful vintage wedding dresses to stay as treasured family heirlooms that are passed down through generations.

I have restored vintage wedding dresses up to 100 years of age!

If you have an old wedding dress or vintage wedding dress that you would like restoring, then Ramsey is the person to call! Ramsey tackles the dresses that no one else will and his results speak for themselves!

wedding dress restoration

A vintage silk wedding dress

This example is a vintage silk wedding dress which I cleaned and restored.

The pure silk vintage wedding dress was supposedly cleaned decades ago by a dry cleaner, but was still left with stains all down the front and sweat stains under both arms.

Despite the marks being set-in and stored this way for many years, I took on the challenge of cleaning this pure silk gown and look at the results! All stains and marks gone with no damage to the delicate silk fabric.

This 50 years old wedding dress was given to me to restore, as a surprise for my customer’s mother, as a gift for her Golden wedding anniversary.

Yellowing is caused by a chemical degradation of the original fibers. Over time the chemicals that are within the fabric begin the process of decay and can become yellow in colour. I was able to rescue this vintage gown and restore it to white!

This vintage wedding dress had been stored in a plastic bag in the attic for 29 years. Phil phoned to ask if I could restore his late wife’s stunning dress so that his daughter could wear it for her wedding in Australia.

This was a huge challenge but after painstakingly working my magic on all the delicate fabrics, I’m glad to say it looks like she will be able to wear the dress as proudly as her mum did 29 years ago.


This 60 year old lace wedding dress came into me completely yellowed with age.

As you can see on the right hand side it’s going back to my customer looking like it did 60 years ago when purchased.

If you have an old vintage wedding dress you would like restoring Ramsey is the person to call!

vintage wedding dress boxing service

storage & preservation box

We also offer a special vintage wedding dress storage and boxing service in addition to your vintage wedding dress cleaning.

Your dress will last for decades longer with our PH-neutral, acid-free storage and preservation boxes.

Once cleaned, your vintage wedding dress is carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue then placed in one of our specialist preservation boxes and finished off with your own personal hand-made wooden tag to go on the outside.

Wedding Dress Restoration
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Collection & Return Service

We prefer to personally hand collect and deliver your precious dress as part of the service. I cover a very wide area where I collect and return your dress.

This is a set fee regardless of distance of £10 each way. If you are outside my area of collection please contact me as I have various methods in which I can arrange to get your dress. Telephone 07930 520915


Hi I’m Ramsey! If you need any assistance, I can usually answer your questions immediately for you via a Whatsapp chat.