Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions are for the wedding dress cleaning service only.

Collections and Returns

Dresses can be dropped off and collected from a local bridal premises located at CV36 5JJ. The owner of the dress is responsible for any damage occurred getting it too and from our place of business.

If you use my door-to-door service your dress will be collected and returned from your home or work address or any other address arranged between ourselves usually during the hours of 8am – 4pm.

A small fee is usually charged to cover fuel.

Dresses can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to be returned to you (Pre-wedding cleans usually much quicker). Any extra length of time required for cleaning will be discussed with you during the cleaning process.


It would be appreciated if your gown is collected or delivered in its original gown cover. Any covers, hangers etc will be returned to you upon completion of cleaning. Please make sure your name and phone number are clearly marked on any covers the dress may be in.


I am fully insured for all the dresses I clean, however please note that in the extremely unlikely event that your dress is damaged or lost whilst being cleaned the dress will only be insured for up to half its original cost when new and a valid receipt will be required for any claim to go through. Dresses over 6 months old will have to take into account any depreciation value too.

Cleaning Process

Whilst I would love to guarantee a 100% spotless dress being returned every time this is not always possible in every situation. I can guarantee that no one will try harder to remove stubborn stains for you. Approximately 95% of the dresses I clean are 100% spotless. The other 5% are virtually spotless (usually any remaining stains are on the inside of the gown).

I would like to guarantee to every customer the removal of all marks and stains from every wedding dress I clean, however this will be at the owners risk and I will contact you beforehand if I have any concerns which have not already been covered in our initial meeting.

For example heavy mud, red wine & perspiration marks can dye some fabrics. Delicate materials can be damaged by inappropriate cleaning, so to ensure this does not happen I clean the wedding dress by the method most suitable for the type of material and construction of the dress. This ensures the best possible result, whilst caring for the dress fabric itself. If the dress carries no specific cleaning instructions I will use the most delicate method of cleaning possible, however this will be at the owners risk.

If for any reason you are not entirely happy with the results of the cleaning, I will be happy to discuss this with you and explain the cleaning process to you.

Due to the nature of the delicate fabrics used to construct wedding dresses some of these fabrics may develop slight changes in their appearance when they have been cleaned. I use only the very best and most careful cleaning procedures and solutions to ensure the risk is extremely low.

Dyed wedding dresses, such as Ivory or Champagne or similar are sometimes prone to losing some or all of their dye in the process. This will happen wherever you get it cleaned, however, my process helps the possibility of that from being likely to occur but please note it is still a possibility and whilst not ruining the look of the dress in any way may make it appear lighter than the original colouring.

I do not accept responsibility for any damage or loss to buttons, beading, diamantes etc during the cleaning process, however the risk is minimised to the best of my power during all cleaning stages.


Steaming/Pressing is not advisable when having a dress cleaned which is then going to be stored. Your dress will not be steamed/pressed as the way I wash them means that this process is not necessary.

Dresses that are pre-wedding will be steamed/pressed if required


Payment for cleaning and preserving of dresses is due in full before your items are returned.


Hi I’m Ramsey! If you need any assistance, I can usually answer your questions immediately for you via a Whatsapp chat.